Tight Muscles in Singapore

Tight Muscles - Boon or Bane in Singapore

Tight Muscles in Singapore

Today, let’s talk about tight muscles in Singapore! At the mention of these two words, you may see eyes light up! Especially when you tell men that “eh your muscles quite tight ah”. But what they’re thinking and what we are thinking are on different pages. Are they good or bad then? Why do they happen? What are some ways to deal with these issues?

Do you suffer from tight muscles in Singapore?

When speaking to gym rats, the term “tight muscles” usually has positive connotations and are taken as compliments. It implies dedication, hard work, and the results they were striving for, come to fruition!

When a chiropractor says it, it’s usually a bad sign! This is because chronically tight muscles come along with a myriad of symptoms and are often an indicator of underlying structural problems in the body.

Our bodies function based on balance. Muscles are no different as each muscle has another muscle with the opposite function. Think of the biceps and triceps. One bends the arm while the other straightens the arm. These pairs are made for each other as opposites to allow movement in either direction and also to maintain balance within the joint. Muscular imbalances usually cause discomfort or even pain in the tendons or ligaments over time.

In the back, the long term activation and tightness in muscles may also be due to the ligamento-muscular reflex. This is a protective mechanism in the body designed to safeguard injured ligaments and limit the damage to the joint in such instances. The reflex calls upon the muscles to stabilize the damaged joint and relieve pressure off the ligaments, or in the case of the spine is the disc.

Most people experience this phenomenon in their low back and sometimes in the neck and upper back. We all know someone who’s woken up with a very stiff neck after a night of bad sleep or desk-bound individuals who have had a long history of back pain. Old age is a favorite scapegoat that people point fingers at but studies show that old age isn’t the real culprit. The more likely culprits are old problems and old habits.

The best thing you can do is to get proper help! It’s never too late to stop doing damage to your back. It is our understanding that chiropractors are best suited for this role if you’re looking for a natural, effective solution.

Resolving problems in the spine have produced positive improvements in the function of the body and resolution of the symptoms. Finding out how you can properly care for your spine and which habits to avoid are also extremely important in preventing such problems from resurfacing again once resolved.

What now?

In conclusion, tight muscles aren’t always a good thing and can have many different causes. If that tightness is accompanied by discomfort or pain, then it’s not a good sign. If you’ve been feeling tight for a long time then it's high time you get checked. Remember, balance is essential in the proper function of the body. We hope you got something useful out of today’s read. For more questions, drop us a message on Facebook or Whatsapp us at +65 9062 9776. Till next time, goodbye!


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