Chiropractic Testimonials

"My back pain is barely noticeable and woke up for the first time in a week without any calf cramps at all. All this from just one chiropractic adjustment."

- Lat Y.

"While at work at Yamaha Music School, I bent down to pick up something and somehow my lower back just seized and I could not even stand straight or walk. The pain got worst through the night and I contemplated going to the A&E. But a good friend of mine assured me that I should see Dr. Shaun at Chiropractic Concepts.

The next morning, accompanied by my hubby, I made my way in pain, to Chiropractic Concepts. After reviewing my x-ray, Dr. Shaun did 3 adjustments for me and then he asked me to stand up and walk. I was apprehensive as I entered the clinic in excruciating pain.

To my great relief, I was able to sit and stand with no pain!!. WOW! I became an immediate believer. After a few more follow-ups, I can confidently say Dr. Shaun did a great job. I am pain-free and back to work. Thanks, Dr Shaun."

- Catherine L.

"Very impressed with Chiropractic Concepts! Dr. Shaun is highly professional and extremely dedicated to the welfare of his patients. I've sought his help for a various number of problems - neck or lower back pain, stiff hurting shoulders, pain in the knee, pulled groin, etc and he always checks each part thoroughly.

He goes above and beyond what you would expect to find the root of the problem and treats it accordingly. Thanks to him I can maintain my active lifestyle with the benefits chiropractic brings!"

- Aaron C.

"Dr. Shaun is dedicated to getting the right diagnosis and treatment for your conditions. Starting from an x-ray scan to getting you to feel for areas of tenderness, he is able to provide treatment catered specifically for your ailments. After just one treatment, my lower back pain is gone! Highly recommended!"

- Marcus L.

"Helpful & illuminating to find out contributing cause of knee pain, & instead of being told to go for knee replacement, was given specific & targeted exercises that have, over 4 months, strengthened & activated muscles, lessened pain & joint instability."

- Phi-Ian L.

"Highly recommended, really really different from other chiropractors. They don't try to sell big packages and really care about the patients."

- Jenny L.

"Glad to be pain-free and to regain full use of my right arm. Treatment & exercises were very effective. Thank you, Dr Shaun Ang."

- Selene Y.

"Suffered a minor slip-disc, couldn't sit or lie down without pain for months. Physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons couldn't change a thing, back brace, massages, and muscle relaxants didn't work at all.

After seeing Dr. Shaun at Chiropractic Concepts, I can now happily sit, walk, run, and jump without any soreness or pain! Sometimes all you need is a little adjustment! Don's self crack! Changed my life and spine completely. 🙂 Kudos Chiropractic concepts!"

- Bryan C.


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