What is Gonstead Chiropractic in Singapore

What is gonstead Chiropractic in Singapore

What is Gonstead Chiropractic in Singapore

Broadly speaking, chiropractic is a field dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of certain mechanical or physical disorders affecting the bones, muscles, and joints in the body by focusing directly on the nervous system. Chiropractic care in Singapore is basically about priming and guiding the body to naturally seek its own balance or homeostasis, this is only possible however when the proper structure and alignment of all parts have been attained.

The Gonstead Method in Singapore

The Gonstead chiropractic technique however is a chiropractic method that was developed and instituted by late Clarence Selmer Gonstead (1898-1978), a renowned chiropractor, following extensive clinical research. Dr. Gonstead’s interest in chiropractic interventions resulted from him witnessing the success of chiropractic adjustments in treating and correcting severe leg and foot pains.

Benefits of Gonstead Chiropractic

To start with, the Gonstead chiropractic is the most thorough chiropractic technique there is and it still remains the best-known chiropractic treatment for chronic back pains, neck pains, hip pains, or shoulder pains. The technique involves a system of holistic physical analysis that enables the chiropractor to specifically identify and determine the particular area of the patient’s spine or limbs that has been subluxated (i.e. misaligned, thereby causing the ensuing discomfort).

Beyond basic chiropractic, two distinct benefits of the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique are the advantage of complete patient evaluation and the higher certainty of long-term solutions. The first has to do with the fact that the Gonstead Technique probes deeper than the general chiropractic method to more exhaustive analyses involving palpations, nervoscopes, and x-rays, thus making the technique more focused and precise.

In the same vein, the second strategic advantage of the Gonstead Chiropractic over general chiropractic practice is that the precise and thorough nature of the Gonstead Chiropractic technique ensures that the method provides all the common benefits of general chiropractic treatments, but with the additional benefits of you having an extremely personalized and focalized diagnostic and treatment regimen.

That is, the corrective adjustment prescribed for each patient is done according to the individual’s peculiar needs with a higher likelihood of achieving long-lasting health solutions as a result.

How is the Gonstead Chiropractic Method Carried Out

The Gonstead Chiropractor goes beyond mere spinal assessment to performing a thorough examination of your spine with the aid of five advanced criteria to determine the specific problem areas in your vertebral subluxation complex.

These five areas include Visualization, Instrumentation, Static Palpation, Motion Palpation, and X-ray Analysis. You may be wondering what these mean, here is a quick overview of each aspect of Gonstead chiropractic which gives you an insight into how this technique is carried out.

  1. Visualization: refers to a holistic method of objectively cross-referencing every detail the chiropractor can obtain about your ailment by investigating the minutest changes in either your posture or movement as indications of an underlying problem.
  2. Static Palpation: refers to what the chiropractor does by palpating (running the tips of his fingers along) your spine while you remain in a stationary position. The reason for this is to detect any swelling, tenderness, or abnormal tightness in the muscles and other tissues of the back.
  3. Motion Palpation: refers to the process by which your chiropractor performs the same procedure for Static Palpation on your spine, but this time around, instead of doing it while stationary, he will carry out the palpation while moving and bending your spine in different angles or directions. The essence of this is to reveal the ease or difficulty with which the different segments of your spine move relative to one another.
  4. Instrumentation: refers to the use of particular instrument(s) in diagnostic investigations and not just relying on physical examination and interview. The most important instrument in Gonstead examination is known as the Nervoscope. This is a specialized instrument that detects irregular heat distribution patterns along the spine as an indication of both inflammation and nerve pressure.
  5. X-Ray Analysis: is clear enough. In addition to the Nervoscope, X-ray films of the spine are obtained to help articulate the shape and structure of your spine. The analysis helps to reveal existing posture, the integrity of your joints and discs, any existing misalignments in your vertebrae or any recent fracture that may be contributing to the patient’s condition.

Who Needs Gonstead Chiropractic?

The first answer of course is that everyone needs a chiropractor at one point or another in life and that is why chiropractic practice is thriving and quite popular all over the world, and we have good chiropractors in Singapore as well.

More specifically, however, Gonstead chiropractic is highly recommended for anyone with Back Pains (either chronic back pain, lower back pains, sciatica or radiating pains along your back through your buttocks to your legs); Neck Pains (usually neck and shoulder pains or requiring neck pain treatments); as well as Headaches (and Migraines).

Other people who need to see a good Gonstead Chiropractor as well are those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (wrist pain); those who have been involved in auto accidents; those with Jaw pains, pinched nerves, as well as ailments like slipped discs, herniations, and numbness or tingling of limbs.

There are in fact, countless myths and misconceptions about chiropractic. The best way to clear up these myths and misconceptions and find out the truth is to book for a therapy session with our highly trained chiropractic specialists.


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