Save Your Neck by Chiropractic Adjustment in Singapore

Save your neck in Singapore

Save Your Neck by Chiropractic Adjustment in Singapore

With the advent of action movies, the killing blow used time and time again to dispatch unaware enemies has become as famous as the guillotine; the lethal neck-snap! These scenes of brutality have ingrained in people’s minds the vulnerability of the neck and how seemingly easy it is to kill someone this way. But why would such a move even work? How similar is a chiropractic adjustment in the neck to such an attack, if at all? Check out this blog by a Singapore chiropractor!

We can Save Your Neck in Singapore

It is of popular belief and portrayal by the media that forcefully twisting someone’s neck can snap the spine and sever the spinal cord, thus leading to instantaneous death. From a realistic perspective, this really isn’t a likely situation at all! There are two likely reasons behind this is:

  1. The Vertebral Artery: In the neck, the most likely vital structure to be damaged from excessive rotation is the vertebral artery. This important blood vessel runs through both sides of the cervical spine and is more prone to damage in the neck as opposed to the spinal cord.
  2. The Ligamento-Muscular Reflex: This is a protective reflex that occurs when damage occurs to the ligaments. The damaged ligaments trigger surrounding musculature to contract, thereby inhibiting other muscle groups in an attempt to stabilize and remove stress on the injured area to prevent further damage.

On the other hand, you may have heard of people experiencing a stroke after neck manipulation. In fact, these cases have been disproven to be related to chiropractic adjustments done by qualified chiropractors.

Measuring Against Chiropractic Adjustments

These stunts are in NO way similar to chiropractic adjustments! With the Gonstead Technique, which is solely utilized by our chiropractors, adjustments are always focused on being specific and involve a minimal amount of rotation to protect the spine.

A Breath Of Relief

We have had countless clients exclaim with relief at how different and safe our chiropractic adjustments feel compared with what they imagined in their minds. These adjustments also require trust and relaxation from our clients or the procedure is unlikely to succeed with helping them from their aches and pains.

We hope that you have gotten some interesting and useful information from reading this article today! From more information, take a look at our other blog posts, visit our Facebook page, drop us a message or ask us directly at +65 9062 9776.


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