How Important Nervoscope in Singapore

Importance of the Nervoscope in Gonstead Method in Singapore

How Important Nervoscope in Singapore

The spine is a suit of armor for a delicate part of the human body; the spinal cord. This structure is essential for allowing our intricate bodies to operate smoothly, dealing with the stresses of daily living. But what happens when there is a spinal misalignment, subluxation complex or joint dysfunction, our structure is threatened and a series of back, neck and shoulder pain ensues. That said, chiropractic in Singapore has been shown to be effective at resolving these listed problems.

Gonstead Tools in Singapore

Chiropractic, a form of alternative medicine is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the spine. This technique has undergone a lot of evolution and improvements since it was first brought into the limelight.

Most of these techniques are named after those who were most instrumental in the development. One such important technique is the Gonstead chiropractic, which is named after Dr. Clarence Gonstead who pioneered the technique.

The Gonstead chiropractic adjustment or treatment is among the most effective and precise techniques, which has earned the name the gold standard of chiropractic care. It is also a vital lower back treatment. Because of its precision and effectiveness, you can be sure that your pains are efficiently dealt with, quickly.

A Gonstead chiropractor employs the use of several criteria and a system of analysis, which looks at five main components to detect structural problems or spine misalignment. Dr. Gonstead had a very powerful belief and reasoning that structural problems had to be corrected in the most specific manner, and this was the reason why the technique was birthed in the first place.


The Gonstead chiropractor will usually be on the lookout for abnormalities in posture or unevenness in gait. This is a very important criterion in subluxation diagnosis. The patient’s movement is checked to see if there are any signs of imbalance.


Perhaps, what distinguishes the Gonstead chiropractic adjustment from all other techniques is its instrument of choice which is a nervoscope. It detects the uneven distribution of heat along the spine, an indication of inflammations and subluxations.

Static Palpation

This is when the chiropractor manually feels for the presence of any swelling, tenderness or tightness of the muscle when your spine is placed in a stationary position.

Motion Palpation

It is different from the static palpation in that the spine is felt while bending and moving it at various angles. This helps the chiropractor feel how difficult or easily each segment of the spine moves in different directions.

X-ray Analysis

It assists the doctor to visualize the entire structure of the spine. It also assists the patient in monitoring progress by comparing before scans and after scans over a long period of time. It is helpful in evaluating joint and disc integrity, vertebral alignments and helps the doctor rule out the presence of any fractures or insidious pathologies that’s contributing to the patient’s condition.

Having explained all that goes into play in a Gonstead chiropractic adjustment, it goes without saying that the use of a nervoscope is what makes the technique indeed special and sought after.

The nervoscope is heralded and respected for effective and accurate spinal analysis. It detects subluxations and provides reliable pre and post adjustment readings that help in the processing of the most beneficial patient results.

Heat detection plays a significant role in identifying subluxations and the nervoscope is a huge leap from what used to obtain. They are moved up and down the spine and spinal problems are detected with the deflections of the needle.

It is the use of nervoscope that helps the doctor focus on where the problem is, eradicating all forms of educated guesses and saving the time of both the doctor and the patient.

In a Nutshell

The best of nervoscopes such as those used in Chiropractic Concepts and other chiropractic clinics in Singapore provide very reliable information and are not influenced by RFI which is at an all-time high from sources such as cell phones, fluorescent lights, tablets, laptops, etc.

If you have further questions regarding Gonstead chiropractic treatment, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us for a full consultation session.


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